Health Insurance

Health Insurance

An agent can search for the best personal health and dental plan for your specific situation. If you are not satisfied with your group health plan or health coverage you have today, then this might be a good option for you.

An agent will help you find the best policy that will fix any issues that you may have had with your previous policy, or get you started with the best policy for your budget. We will make sure you’re getting the coverage you need whether that is prescription drugs, dental care, or a combination of both.

You might be worried about your current policy, maybe you’re going to lose some benefits but still have to pay the same premiums? Give us a call and see what switching can do for your wallet, or get a similar or better policy and rates.

Platinum Mutual Ltd has over 20 years of experience and will make sure that you are getting the best policy. We work with a select group of reputable companies to get the best rates and coverage from quality companies.

This is a newer form of insurance that yields many benefits. It has a great amount of flexibility and can payout to you while you’re still alive. There are no rules on how you spend the money you receive either, no proof of receipts required. More importantly, this can pay for medical expenses.

Critical illness insurance can be spent however you think it should be. Maybe you want to try cryogenics? Or you need a nanny for your kids. There are no rules on how you spend the money and you can use it however you like.

Critical illness insurance covers specific illnesses only.

Critical illness plans are important to helping you rebuild after an expensive fight with a critical illness. They offer lump-sum payouts which become available 30 days after diagnosis of a critical illness. Ask an agent for more details.

How would you handle not having income?

How would you cover your living expenses?

How would you provide for yourself, your partner, or how would your business survive if an employee was disabled?

Disability insurance coverage helps provide for your every month you cannot work due to injury or sickness.

Personal Products
  • Lifestyle Protection Plan
    For professionals, business owners, executives and employees.
  • Independence Plan
    For lower income occupations, home-based workers, part-time workers, seasonal workers, new business owners and price-sensitive purchasers.
Business Products
  • Overhead Expense Plan
    Pays for specific business overhead expenses that remain the responsibility of a business owner even if disabled.
  • Buy/Sell Plan
    Provides funds to help enable one or more business owners to purchase shares of a disabled shareholder or partner in the event of total disability.
  • Keyperson Plan
    Provides benefits in the event of a key employee’s total disability

What do you take for granted?

  • Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed.
  • Taking a shower.
  • Getting dressed.
  • Having breakfast.

Normal everyday routine for most of us, but imagine that you couldn’t do some of those things. We are all vulnerable to accidents and illnesses that we don’t see coming.

Imagine not being able to function normally.

Nobody knows what lies ahead, protect yourself. You might need long term care in the future.