Your Child’s Education Starts Now!

With an Industrial Alliance Diploma Registered Retirement Education Plan (RESP), comes a promising future, full of possibilities, aspirations, and goals to accomplish. And plenty of reasons to empower them, with the resources they will need, to excel both, personally and professionally, into the future.

Enabling your child to pursue post-secondary education, under the best possible circumstances, means giving him or her a real leg up for their future. It also entails having independence—financial freedom, of course, but also the freedom to pursue one’s passions and to completely use their abilities, to their fullest potential.

The Advantage of an Education

Education is, without a doubt, is costly. It is, however, a great investment. And Employers are looking for experienced, highly trained applicants with advanced skills, now more than ever! In fact, the following statistics have been quoted from a study, on graduating in Canada, in 2013, from Statistics Canada:

  • Two-thirds of jobs require a post-secondary education.
  • Over 80% of post-secondary diploma holders report that they work in jobs related to their field of study.
  • Over 60% of workers in the highest income bracket hold a post-secondary diploma.

Building Dreams with the Proper Education

It is never too late to start saving with an Industrial Alliance Diploma RESP, no matter how old your child is. However, the sooner you contribute, the greater the return on your savings…as interest accumulates on both your donations and the government grants, your educational investment compounds over time. Start now, by planning for your child’s future today, by building for your child’s future tomorrow!

IA’s Diploma RESP: Today’s Investment, Tomorrow’s Resource

The RESP (registered college savings plan) is an excellent financial tool for helping your child get a head start in life. The RESP helps you to create a better future for everyone you care about by allowing you to save and develop your money in a tax-free environment, while still taking advantage of generous government grants. Start building a promising future for your children today, with IA’s Diploma RESP. Have questions about the Industrial Alliance Diploma RESP, please contact Mike or Amanda from Platinum Mutual Ltd., at (416) 315 8569 and they’ll show you how to claim your 15% IA bonus, the Educational Government Grants and help you enroll children into the Industrial Alliance Diploma RESP, today!

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